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Dolly Mixtures


  Dolly Mixtures by Anna ElliottThis little sweetie is my new design- Dolly Mixtures. It’s a hat and scarf set that comes in three sizes from baby to child (or probably a small adult head) and uses the prettiest 4ply/sock weight yarn you can find. Read on to find out more about its development and for special money-off launch offers!

Inspiration for this design came entirely care of my daughter. She was the one who carefully chose the Knitting Goddess SparkLynne yarn for the project. A smooth sock yarn, this colourway- Heatwave Corners- has splashes of vivid pink, orange and yellow as well as tiny silver sparkles running through it. These colours just made me think of the sweets of my childhood- Refreshers, Fruit Salads, Sherbert Double Dippers and of course, Dolly Mixtures. I decided to create a simple knit/purl pattern to look like little rectangular sweets. This pattern is maintained though the crown increases on the hat, but this is the only place you really have to keep an eye on row counts, making this  a project well suited to a less experienced knitter.

Dolly Mixtures Hat and Scarf by Anna Elliott

Using sock weight yarn for a child’s hat is a really good idea, as it’s not too thick or heavy. The knit/purl pattern in this case provides an additional insulating effect, since it concertinas up to create little air pockets which retain heat- a bit like traditional tea cosies! The hat is a beanie style, with a narrow rib edge, quite a long main section for a bit of slouch and gentle gathers in the top. The scarf is quite narrow so as not to be too bulky and thanks to the stitch pattern, lies flat and is fully reversible.

Part of the fun of knitting this was seeing how the colour pooled as it was knitted up. In the case of the hat, the colours swirled up in a spiral, while in parts of the scarf it almost looks like a double helix. The design would work equally well with solid, semi-solid or other multi-coloured yarn, so you could let the intended recipient have the fun of choosing the yarn, like I did. The baby and toddler size will only use one 400m skein of yarn so a bit of indulgence is fairly affordable.Dolly Mixtures hat and scarf by Anna ElliottFor me, sweetie day was pocket money day so it seems appropriate to celebrate this launch with a pocket money price for the pattern. For the whole of the month of November, Dolly Mixtures will be available on Ravelry for just £1 to readers of this blog- normal price is £1.50. To claim your money off, enter the code DOLLY at the checkout.

That’s not the only treat I have for you though! Thanks to the generosity of Joy at The Knitting Goddess, during November readers of this blog can get £2 off the price of the lovely SparkLynne yarn used for this project- there are lots of different colourways to choose from but beware- you’ll find it hard to visit this lovely shop and come away with only what you meant to get! Enter the code SWEETIE at The Knitting Goddess shop to get your discount- please note that you can’t use the code in conjunction with any other offers on the site.

Happy Knitting!